Bribes, Extortion and Your Business

Become a real James Bond for year 2012 with Spy Camera glasses. With the newest trend in glasses, the spy Camera is now available for the masses to make a move and film bribes and extortion to keep their businesses safe. It is an important spy gadget to catch unscrupulous people in the act and report them to the proper authorities for legal action. You’re a real James Bond in the making.

General features

The new spy sunglasses are equipped with complete DVR surveillance kit. Its camera is hidden within the frame and can capture video from line of sight. Its audio recording system is so sensitive even the slightest sound can be recorded. It’s great high technology equipment that offers private surveillance with confidence. It can help you record videos with audio recording making the sunglasses an actual video recorder or camcorder with time and date settings for a well documented footage.

The spy glasses comes with a wireless remote control feature for flexible manual operation without the dangling wires for a safer and unnoticeable filming. Its OS is compatible to any computer for flexible storage and adaptatrion. Manual operation can be set into two modes, the camera mode for snap shots and the video mode for filming. A memory card slot is provided for continuous filming and for saving files into computers and other saving hard discs for safe keeping. It also has built in headphones for music pleasure and entertainment. It is available with optical and polycarbonate lenses.

Major Benefits

With the spy glasses, you can easily capture important events on video that are highly dangerous. With its line of sight feature, it can film videos directly as you see them. Proper documentation of events is significantly integrated with its time and date stamping feature. You can even be entertained through its MP3 player. The OS is compatible to any computer for easy storing, duplicating and playing.


The spy glasses can offer you safe video entrapments. You can wear it during actual extortion or setting up bribes. You can film the entire event with confidence with the camera safely integrated into the frame and properly camouflaged for a good resemblance to an ordinary pair of eye wear. Its manual wireless remote control which comes in wrist straps can be easily operated from camera setting to video setting. The camera light setting can be easily shifted to adapt to the lighting condition of the environment.

You can video the bribe occurring in your business establishment or in the park or anywhere opted convenient by the unscrupulous person accepting the bribe. Will have a peace of mind knowing the culprit is behind bars or was legally addressed for misconduct.

During extortion of your business, you can easily set up the person and film him without any hesitation for detection. Your spy glass will actually film the other party with innocence so the video will be seen as natural as possible and all events with matching audio will all be recorded in your DVR surveillance kit equipped spy glasses. You can then turn over the evidence to the proper authority for legal action.

You can film any dangerous events and encounters you may experience along the way in managing your business. You can be confident that you can capture everything on video with your spy glasses. You can overcome any extortion or bribery. Available for the masses so anyone can fight crime. And like James Bond, you can now sip your drink in your business establishment in peace. Party all you want with spy glasses to film your victory against extortion and bribery.